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        in home, newborn, family, lifestyle, base housing, okinawa, japan, camp lester, alison bell May 24, 2017

        Lifestyle Family + Newborn | Alison Bell | Okinawa, Japan

        Mom's vision was just up my alley.  No posed shots, just a normal Saturday morning in their home.  She knew the light was best in the morning, even in a base house! And even better, They didn't have a...
        Newborn, naval hospital okinawa, fresh 48, Alison bell, Photographer, camp foster, camp butler May 23, 2017

        Hospital Newborns | Naval Hospital Okinawa | Alison Bell | Japan

        I don't know why, but almost more than any other type of session, I love photographing just-born-babies still in the hospital.  Maybe because I loved that time so much with my own. Maybe because its S...
        beach, sunset, ANA international, travel photos, okinawa, family May 18, 2017

        Travel Session

        When I got my first inquiry for a folks visiting Okinawa, I thought it was spam, or phishing. I had no idea that travel photos were a thing! None. I'm pretty sure I ignored that first email.  (I'm sor...
        Torii, yomitan, okinawa, senior, high school, family photo session April 28, 2017

        Senior & Family Session | Alison Bell | Okinawa, Japan

        Combined senior and family session is the way to go! If you don't have an elaborate list of shots, locations or wardrobe changes, two sessions in one is very doable.  That's exactly what we did h...
        Sisters, girls, castle ruins, okinawa, uruma, katsuren, photographer, alison bell, family April 28, 2017

        PCS Season | Castle Ruins | Alison Bell | Okinawa, Japan

        Don't forget your family photos! Not that there's not already enough to do for your trans continental move. It's probably a little late for some, but late summer movers still have time. I'm booking...
        Easter mini sessions in a grassy field with a live bunny rabbit by Alison Bell, Photographer April 18, 2017

        Mini Sessions With a BUNNY!

        Would you believe, I found someone with a pet rabbit AND they let me borrow him?! He had a leash and all! I felt truly Okinawan. One of our first experiences, first outing with friend, was to see the ...