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        Large Family Photography by Alison Bell, Photographer. Family of 7 with five kids and teens ages 5 to 14. Colorful, vibrant, high energy fun family photographer AlisonBellPhotographer.com July 19, 2019

        Large Family Photography

        What exactly constitutes a large family? I have four boys and some say that's large, but I think I disagree. Five has become more frequent in my world the last year and that's really when the transpo...
        June 5, 2019

        Last Ever Oki Mini Sessions

        Insert crying here! I was hoping to offer at least two rounds of Half Priced Mini Sessions before we fly out, but this weather has given me no option. Monday alone was full of thunderclouds and an om...
        Family of 4, toddler and preschooler, photo session on the beach in Okinawa Japan by Alison Bell Photographer. May 28, 2019

        Family Beach Photos | Okinawa

        Another photographer asked, "What's inspiring you right now?" I have to say this island. The vibrant blues. The golden rims of light against a pink sunset. Clients willing to get IN the water -scroll...
        Fun, stress free family photos with Alison Bell, Photographer on the beach in Okinawa, Japan. May 15, 2019

        Beach Family of 4

        Family photos with a preschooler and infant are some of my favorite. Three year olds just tell you like it is and I LOVE that. This little dude was especially cool because he already knew me as "Reid...
        Family of four photo session at Okinawa's Southeast Botanical Gardens by Alison Bell, Photographer May 1, 2019

        The Jungle Side of Oki

        Another pre-PCS final family photo session! Its that time of year. Okinawa begs to be photographed, for the first time, or the fifth, before PCSing off island. Shoot, I even have my own final fam...
        Baby announcement family photography April 4, 2019

        Baby Announcement!

        Surprise!! Mom wanted to have some fun St. Patty's Dady baby announcement photos for our early March session. I LOVE the shirts she chose! This session also doubled as a family session before a b...