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        Family of four, infant and preschooler, at zakimi castle in okinawa japan by alison bell photographer December 20, 2018

        After Two WEEKS of Rain… | Family Photographer

        This was the hardest session to schedule. ever. I was so so grateful for mom's good nature and optimism!! This was literally our fourth attempt. And just as Murphy's Law would have it, baby man woke u...
        Alison Bell Photographer, Moving, Quantico, virginia, northern VA, PCS December 12, 2018

        Northern Virginia, Here We Come… in a few months | Quantico Family Photographer

        There it is! We're making Quantico, VA home summer 2019. My goal is to be ready to shoot in August 2019. If you're in the area already, or will be there this summer, join The Waitlist. You'...
        Family of three on the beach in OKinawa Japan by Alison Bell Photographer, toddler, infant, family of 5, preschooler December 9, 2018

        Family of 3 On the Beach | Family Photographer

        I had the joy of photographing this family two years ago when lil miss was just about a year old. She clung to her mama something fierce back then too! Its amazing how much innate personality is evide...
        Large family, family of 8, photo session, beach, yomitan, okinawa, alison bell photographer November 14, 2018

        High Tide & Family of 8! | Yomitan Beach

        It is divine providence that we made this happen! Mom reached out well in advance of their unexpected PCS for their final Oki photo session. But as things go, they were going to be leaving sooner than...
        Large family of 8 on the beach at sunset in Yomitan, Okinawa Japan by Alison Bell Photographer November 7, 2018

        Party of 8 on the Beach | Family Photos

        What dad LOVES photos? I'm not sure I've ever met a dad that was thrilled. Happy to comply, yes, but not looking forward to it. Dad was no exception here. It makes the gorgeous shots of him all the sw...
        Family of four with small boys on the beach at Mermaid's Grotto in Okinawa, Japan by Alison Bell, Photographer October 29, 2018

        Family of 4 | Mermaid’s Grotto

        Family of boys had me completely in my element! Checking for boogers, potty talk and Fortnite. Its late October and Mom was up for getting in the water! I'm hanging on to that as long as possible. ...