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        Alison Bell Photographer, Moving, Quantico, virginia, northern VA, PCS December 12, 2018

        Northern Virginia, Here We Come… in a few months | Quantico Family Photographer

        There it is! We're making Quantico, VA home summer 2019. My goal is to be ready to shoot in August 2019. If you're in the area already, or will be there this summer, join The Waitlist. You'...
        Family of three on the beach in OKinawa Japan by Alison Bell Photographer, toddler, infant, family of 5, preschooler December 9, 2018

        Family of 3 On the Beach | Family Photographer

        I had the joy of photographing this family two years ago when lil miss was just about a year old. She clung to her mama something fierce back then too! Its amazing how much innate personality is evide...
        Family of 5, twin boys, beach photo session in Okinawa Japan by Alison Bell, Photographer December 2, 2018

        Three for Three! Twin Boys & Sister | Family Photographer

        This has been the first duty station to get multiple repeat clients, and more especially, a THREE-peat family! We all came to Oki within 6 months of each other. Baby girl was so small! You can see las...
        beach, yomitan, sisters, tween, teen, girls, family photographer, okinawa japan, alison bell, photographer November 20, 2018

        Sisters | Family of 4 | Okinawa Family Photographer

        A few years ago I did my first family photo session ever at Murasaki Mura with this family! Fast forward to this year and we're in the same Classical Conversations community at Koza Baptist. Who knew?...
        Tween girl, bios no oka, bios on the hill, okinawa japan alison bell photographer November 15, 2018

        A Different Side of Oki |

        Beach and castle ruins have been my jam. There are other places, but I haven't pursued them because, hello, four boys and homeschooling! But a lovely repeat client of mine requested Bios on the Hill a...
        Large family, family of 8, photo session, beach, yomitan, okinawa, alison bell photographer November 14, 2018

        High Tide & Family of 8! | Yomitan Beach

        It is divine providence that we made this happen! Mom reached out well in advance of their unexpected PCS for their final Oki photo session. But as things go, they were going to be leaving sooner than...