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        maternity, hospital, camp foster, foster naval hospital, bed rest, okinawa, japan July 13, 2017

        In – Hospital Maternity Session | Camp Foster, Okinawa

        This was my most prepared mama. She contacted me in the spring for her summer maternity session for something grassy. As it would turn out, complications put her in the hospital with a short leash for...
        Katsuren, Okinawa, castle, maternity, alison bell photographer, castle ruins February 26, 2017

        Mama To Be | Okinawa Maternity | Alison Bell | Okinawa, Japan

        I don't know when they did it, but the scaffolding at Katsuren has come down!!! I've loved Katsuren for a while now, but this is a whole new ball game! These guys were so fun.  Dad was hamming it u...
        maternity, katsuren castle, okinawa, alison bell photographer January 18, 2017

        Mama To Be | Maternity Photographer | Alison Bell | Okinawa, Japan

        Its not very often I bring an umbrella to a session. We met in the parking lot in the rain. Thankfully it was light and didn't come back until we were finished! We did not have time to reschedule :) ...
        Zakimi Castle, yomitan, okinawa, child, family photography September 27, 2016

        Castle Crazies | Child & Maternity Photographer

        This mama almost joined the Four of A Kind Club, but would you believe, these three boys are going to have a baby SISTER?! Really! I can only imagine what her life will be like.  Our boys are the same...
        Okinawa, family, maternity, child, toddler photographer, photography July 20, 2016

        Sunset Trio | Okinawa Family & Maternity Photographer

        This smart mama contacted me from the States. She would be visiting while her husband was on Okinawa for a UDP. My first thought was "What if the weather is bad?!" We can only reschedule so many times...
        Hair | prepping for photos | Alison Bell Photographer June 27, 2016

        Hair | Prepping for Photo Day Part 2

            Hair. Humidity. Wind. Whhhhhat to do. Step 1. Get a fresh hair cut within a couple weeks of your session. Even if its a bang trim. Mentally it will give you confidenc...