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        Alison bell, okinawa, half priced, mini session, family photographer September 29, 2018

        Half Priced Mini Sessions: The Details

          My entire goal as a photographer is to offer affordable, beautiful images for everyone. I intentionally keep my prices as reasonable as possible with many options for my clients. Half...
        January 8, 2017

        Preparing Kids | Okinawa Child Photographer

        We all do it. You get behind the camera and instinctively blurt out, "Say cheeeeeeese!" But that's not what I'm after. And not what you want either. I want genuine personality in your images - p...
        What to Wear | Alison Bell Photographer Okinawa June 12, 2016

        What to Wear | Prepping for Photo Day Part 1

          What to wear?! It's probably the third most important question after you nail down date and location.  I tend to downplay the importance because I'm just not a clothes person. But after ...