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        Category: Half Price Mini Sessions

        June 5, 2019

        Last Ever Oki Mini Sessions

        Insert crying here! I was hoping to offer at least two rounds of Half Priced Mini Sessions before we fly out, but this weather has given me no option. Monday alone was full of thunderclouds and an om...
        April 19, 2019

        April Beach Mini Sessions

        Okinawa beaches have been my favorite thing to shoot for the last two years. I have to admit it took a full 12-18 months to master such open light after living inland for 4 years. I'm a bit emba...
        March 6, 2019

        15 Minute Family Photography | Half Price Mini Sessions

        So much can happen in fifteen minutes! I find it so fun to see so many people back to back, but also challenging. I make the most of every minute playing games and getting everyone giddy and playful...
        Half Priced family mini session on the beach by Alison Bell, Photographer January 30, 2019

        Half Priced Minis | Family + Senior

        I used to love cloudy days because it meant I could shoot any direction, creating options not usually available. But I have come to l-o-v-e the color and brightness of those last 30 minutes of dayligh...
        Alison Bell Photographer, Moving, Quantico, virginia, northern VA, PCS December 12, 2018

        Northern Virginia, Here We Come… in a few months | Quantico Family Photographer

        There it is! We're making Quantico, VA home summer 2019. My goal is to be ready to shoot in August 2019. If you're in the area already, or will be there this summer, join The Waitlist. You'...
        Simple Simple senior portrait for football players at Kubisaki High School in Okinawa, Japan by Alison Bell, Photographer portrait for football players at Kubisaki High School in Okinawa, Japan. October 20, 2018

        Simple Seniors | Kubisaki High School

        Senior photos don't have to be crazy or expensive! We got these guys together for one hour on their home field and got some great stuff. And guys aren't interested in a whole ordeal anyway. Big thanks...