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        Recently I was contacted by Precious Time Photography, who conducts in-store photo sessions at Janie & Jack locations around the country. I totally thought it was scam at first. But I did my homework and sure enough, they’re legit! Qualifying customers receive a free sitting with a professional photographer. And here in Birmingham, that was me! It was a full day of 20 minute sessions back to back.  We had every age from 4 months to 14 years, and I did my first set of twins! Many of them were 8-15 month olds which is my favorite age right now.  It was a good time, and a quick pace.  It was amazing to see all the different God-given personalities.  It also reminded me how much I like the simple approach to on-location natural light sessions: no heavy equipment!!

        The following are first installment of previews from the Janie & Jack sessions. More to come!

        Alison Bell | Child & Baby Photographer Alison Bell | Child & Baby Photographer Alison Bell | Child & Baby Photographer Alison Bell | Child & Baby Photographer


        As a mom of 4 wild and crazy boys, I live for the challenge of bringing a fun atmosphere to something that could be uncomfortable, posed and rigid. Grumpy two-year-old? Send ‘em my way! Fighting siblings? I’ve got it covered! I'm a master tickler and potty talk enthusiast. Anything goes for a great shot! I’m looking for connection, not perfection. Currently living in Okinawa, Japan, soon to be Quantico, VA summer 2019. Let's get in touch!

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