TO MENU

        Documenting reality in a beautiful way is my jam.

        In home. Within 10 days of birth.

        It takes some guts to plan photos 10days after birth. I mean, you have NO idea how it will go – the first time or the fourth.

        The days after coming home from the hospital are a blur! Photographing baby’s details, mom & dad changing diapers, clothes, help solidify those memories that would otherwise be lost to lack of sleep. #amiright?

        Its a special victory tidy the house, shower, and make yourself photo ready (or even harder older siblings!) with a newborn.

        Jen found me from my van. My sweet resurfaced-left-side, Oki van. She was getting her hair done by my neighbor next door and voila!

        She’s got sweet blog Margaritas & Marshmallows. Her Thor Hammer cake & Baby Yoda cookies are b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t. Also, the title feels like a snapshot of boy mom life.

        We also did Jen’s maternity photos on the beach!

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        I (Alison) am the circus ring leader in our Marine Corps family of four boys. I love loud, messy, ornery and active families, especially those with littles. I like my music super loud, dancing, and drinking wine. I'm passionate about education and the beach. Born and raised in Charleston, SC I only cook cornbread in a skillet. Find me on Insta @alisonbellphotog!