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        Long story short: Mom came to me with a truck load of ideas and I said YES to all of it!

        Long story: Our original date was during the first typhoon of October 2017. Then we planned for Thanksgiving during the constant rain of November 2017. We had so many dates I don’t even know when we finally got it done. But good work, Mom! They’re gorgeous!

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        Senior, Okinawa, Kadena High School, Kubasaki High school, confetti Senior, Okinawa, Kadena High School, Kubasaki High school, Torrii, beach, water

        As a mom of 4 wild and crazy boys, I live for the challenge of bringing a fun atmosphere to something that could be uncomfortable, posed and rigid. Grumpy two-year-old? Send ‘em my way! Fighting siblings? I’ve got it covered! I'm a master tickler and potty talk enthusiast. Anything goes for a great shot! I’m looking for connection, not perfection. Currently living in Okinawa, Japan, soon to be Quantico, VA summer 2019. Let's get in touch!

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