TO MENU

        Combined senior and family session is the way to go! If you don’t have an elaborate list of shots, locations or wardrobe changes, two sessions in one is very doable.  That’s exactly what we did here. We went to the Torii in Yomitan which had a nice variety to give our senior options, and a bathroom for a small wardrobe change. And of course, its very Okinawan.

        Tips for senior sessions – 

        Bring a sibling or friend along. Anyone that can make your senior laugh. Being in front of the camera is awkward! A side kick helps cut the awkwardness.

        Accessorize – As with any session, something to do with your hands or easily change out like a hat, large necklace, soccer ball, guitar or other momento of his or her interests.

        Walk away. Having mom stare at him while he’s in front of the camera just amplifies the tension.

        Have fun! Its only an hour or less, so relax, it’ll be over soon 😉

        Torii, yomitan, okinawa, senior, high school, family photo session Torii, yomitan, okinawa, senior, high school, family photo session

        As a mom of 4 wild and crazy boys, I live for the challenge of bringing a fun atmosphere to something that could be uncomfortable, posed and rigid. Grumpy two-year-old? Send ‘em my way! Fighting siblings? I’ve got it covered! I'm a master tickler and potty talk enthusiast. Anything goes for a great shot! I’m looking for connection, not perfection. Currently living in Okinawa, Japan, soon to be Quantico, VA summer 2019. Let's get in touch!