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        We had four babes in five years. 

        But that’s not what got me into photography. I was holding a camera long before I had a baby. It was all for the girl scout badge in 8th grade, which morphed into a science project on film speeds (like actual film in a roll!). Fast forward, I was the yearbook photographer and editor; graduating from University of South Carolina with a glorified yearbook degree: Journalism and Visual Communications. 

        My best training as a family photographer came from my own kids.

        Having boys back to back trained me in the subtle art of “persuasion” and child psychology:

        Keep it fun! 

        Turn a blind eye to misbehavior, talk a lil potty talk, make it a competition, and say yes! 

        Look, if the kids aren’t having a good time, no one is right? More time doesn’t make anyone cry less.

        It’s so easy to get lost in the daily grind of meal prep, homework and Saturday soccer. The days are so, so long but the years just get shorter and shorter. 

        They’re not getting any smaller. 

        But that’s my mission: To create easy,  joyful photos for mamas who want to remember. 

        family photographer alison bell

        Hey! I'm Alison!

        Enneagram 7. Circus ring leader and chaos coordinator.

        Mom of 4 boys currently 6, 8, 10, 12. That happened fast!

        I believe Thin Mints ought to be eaten frozen by the sleeve.

        Hanson was my boy band obsession.

        Okra is my favorite vegetable.

        I was a college radio DJ – 90.1 left of the dial, right in your ear! 

        I make lists but rarely look at them. 

        I believe childhood should as screen free as possible.

        I believe photo sessions should be fun! 

        Moms rarely see for themselves the beauty they create. 

        I’m here to change that.

        Let’s chat!