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        family photographer alison bell

        Hey! I'm Alison!

        Okra is my favorite vegetable.

        Thin mints ought to be eaten frozen by the sleeve.

        I was a college radio DJ – 90.1 left of the dial, right in your ear! 

        Every house should have a front porch, but in 6 moves we’ve never had one. 

        I make lists but rarely look at them. 

        I could binge The Duggars & Little People Big World for hours.

        I started photography for a Girl Scout badge. 

        The badge turned into the high school yearbook photographer and 3 years of yearbook camp. Yes, it’s totally a thing! 

        I believe childhood should be wild and free – full of boredom, exploration, cuts and scrapes and screen free! 

        I believe photo sessions are for running and yelling. 

        Parenting is the most sanctifying experience with the lowest lows and incredible highs.

        Can’t wait to meet you! Let’s chat!