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        Best Restaurants with Kids In Virginia Beach

        A quick Google search on the best places to eat with kids in VB was shockingly w-r-o-n-g. I’ve actually been to most of those restaurants and they’re either: donuts only, long lines, or not actually kid friendly!

        As a homeschool mama and a milspouse not willing to miss out on lunch dates, I’m always making note of where to eat with the kids. 

        By kid friendly restaurants, I mean there’s a place for them to be kids like games, outdoor space, or even a playground.

        Let’s face it, if its going to be enjoyable, the kids need something for them – something more than a coloring page.

        Here are my best recommendations to eat with kids in Virginia Beach! 

        1. Chix On the Beach – Oceanfront 

        7th Street on the boardwalk

        Chix as a couple locations, this is specifically about the Oceanfront one. Think of a classic American fare of burgers, chicken and some seafood. There’s nothing particularly specific to kids other than its straight on the boardwalk at their Oceanfront location. Anything outside is generally a win for my loud crew. 

        • On the beach at 30th St
        • Outdoor seating
        • No games
        • Super casual 
        • Sit down wait service. 
        Chix on the Beach in Virginia Beach is a good option with kids!

        2. Shore Break

        Shore Drive on the Chesapeake Bay/North End VB

        My third grader’s entire class voted Shore Break for the best place to get nachos. How an entire class of 3rd graders goes to the same restaurant for anything amazes me and gets this place a huge leg up. 

        Its pizza & wings my husband and my kids all like it. Think of a higher end version of Pizza Hut without the grease. 

        If you eat in, bring your coins. There’s an arcade complete with tickets and prizes

        If your kids are old enough and trustworthy to be sent away with $5 in coins, this may be a winner! But if you’re crew is too small for that, go to Sage Kitchen! 

        • Known for pizza & nachos
        • Some compact outdoor seating (on a busy road)
        • No play space
        • Arcade games ($) 
        • Entire class of third graders voted for it
        • Sit down wait service 
        Shorebreak pizza on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach is a great place to eat with kids!

        3. Ballyhoos

        Great Neck road and Shore Drive, close to the Chesapeake Bay/North End VB

        I’m included this one for 2 reasons only: 

        1. Open green space for playing akin to a brewery
        2. Weekend atmosphere must be better than the week day lunch we experienced. 

        I’ll be honest, the food is meh. Its a compact menu of chicken and burgers. 

        BUT… they have an entire side yard of lawn games and the atmosphere on the weekends is good. Think brewery vibe with Adirondack chairs, lawn games, and fire pits. 

        I went for lunch with some friends and our smallest kids. Our experience with the staff was underwhelming. Suffice to say I was ready to leave a 2 star review. Or less. They should just close for lunch IMHO. 

        However… It was a weekday lunch. Their evening and weekend vibe must be better and I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. 

        • Massive outdoor play area – grass to run in! 
        • Lawn games like jenga, cornhole, pingpong, connect four
        • Sit down wait service 

        4. Quirks

        On Great Neck Road

        If one of these was not like the other, this would be it. 

        Its a tiny restaurant in an old Burger King – so naturally it’s a tight space. They’ve got indoor and outdoor seating but no play space. 

        The games are inside – fooz ball, a version of a game we called carpet pool at camp, giant connect four, etc. Most are free games but there are a couple arcade games. All are within close proximity of the indoor seating so you can keep an eye on the kids. 

        • Free games close to indoor seating
        • Indoor games include fooz ball, connect four, others I don’t the name of
        • Patio seating – not for playing, fire pits
        quirks restuarant on great neck blvd in virginia beach
        Alison Bell, Photographer

        5. Sage Kitchen – Our favorite!

        Close to Sandbridge Beach, inside Anderson’s!

        By far the boys’ favorite place to go – they ask every time if this were were going to eat! 

        Sage Kitchen is a fresh farm to table deli type INSIDE Anderson’s.

        Its counter service sandwiches, wraps and salads that are all fantastic. It is fancier foods, farm to table, sweet potato fries, organics and vegan options. But they have kid’s menu that pleased my boys.

        The boys love the fancy play ground – Hobbit house, swings, and life size pool will soccer balls (billiards pool, nothing to do with water). There’s also a mini golf course for an extra fee if its open. 

        • Counter service
        • Play ground – swing, hobbit house, games
        • Outdoor seating in sight of the playground 
        • Mini golf – costs extra
        Sage Kitchen is great for kids in virginia beach near sandbridge

        6. Pocahontas Pancake House

        35th Street & Atlantic Avenue on the Oceanfront

        This place has a cult following! Over 3,000 reviews on google! There’s nothing exceptionally kid friendly like a playground or outdoor space. Its just PANCAKES!

        You just can’t go wrong with feeding kids pancakes. They cook fast, and its basically cake for breakfast.

        Incase someone is particular, there’s waffles too!

        • Sit down service
        • Morning only
        • No games or play space
        • No outdoor seating
        Best places to eat with kids in virginia beach
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