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        For Photographers & Milspouse-preneurs

        Military life & entrepreneurship aren’t for the faint of heart… but put them together and sh!t will hit the fan.

        Photographer of 12 years. Milspouse for 13, and I’m just realizing how poorly the two play together!

        I’ve relaunched my photography business 6 times in 2 countries and 4 states. The hardest by far was 2 moves in 2 years when we thought we we’d be staying put. Surprise!

        In all these relaunches, I’ve kept email waitlist, hired social media managers, studied hashtags, spent hours fine tuning SEO and keyword research, and worked for FREE.

        I’m an open book on what has worked!


        I use Session to automate mini session bookings. It’s incredibly easy to set up multiple locations, dates and time slots. You can send individual emails, review contracts and collect fees in one place with zero back & forth.

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        Classy gallery host with incredible sales automation tools.

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        I use Planoly to upload, write & save IG posts on my desktop. They save to my app and I have ready-to content on my phone.

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        Beautiful emails & automated workflows to educate leads, clients & stay in touch worldwide.

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        Its gotta look good! I create graphics for blog & Instagram.

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        Fuel Your Photos

        SEO experts Corey & Dylan have incredible photo-specific knowledge and tactics to getting FOUND online.


        Back up all your files! Backblaze is super reasonable HD backup.

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        After many years and much research I jumped from an original host and have LOVED Cloudways’ customer service, price point, and payment options.


        Artificial Intellegience for culling! Its not perfect, but if it cuts my cull time in half… I’m for it!

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        CRM with reports, automation and more.

        This is so dang powerful I’ll be learning something new for years.


        Imagen Ai

        7 cents an image editing! Artificial Intelligence uses your custom editing profile to edit your images… and its frightfully GOOD! You can also use a professional profile to edit.

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        National Association of Professional Child Photographers provides a quality group of peers to do business with – anywhere in the world. I love their Master Certifications the best!