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        Branding + Headshots Virginia Beach – Alison Bell, Photographer

        Personal Brand Photography

        People buy from people.

        We know, like, trust, hire, and buy from people – not products and services.

        Give them what they want – YOU!

        YOU are the big kahuna

        YOU are the secret sauce.

        YOU make the difference!

        personal branding and headshots in studio for small businesses in virginia beach va by alison bell, photographer

        Professional Headshots should be fun!

        Don’t be afraid to put your face everywhere.

         Casual or professional headshots of you should be all over your marketing materials, both digital and print including but not limited to:

        • Email Signature
        • Your Newsletters
        • Newsletter Sign up form
        • Blog posts
        • Website (allll over it!)
        • Google My Business page
        • LinkedIn

        • Website pop ups
        • Freebie downloads
        • Instagram grid
        • Business Cards
        • Sales Page
        • Facebook Ads
        • Landing pages

        People want to know about YOU, behind the product or service you offer. Show them your headshot so they know who they’re working with.

        The best headshot should be on your website, socials and your email signature!

        Did that make you cringe?! You’re not alone!

        I didn’t believe this until  one Instagram trend proved me wrong.

        My #top9 of 2020 did not have even ONE of my client images on it. Not. One.

        • 8 were of just me or me and my family!
        • The 9th was of my husband – I took it, but it wasn’t paid work, not my niche at all!

        Vibe Creative District branding Photography session by Alison Bell, Photographer

        Branding Is Different From Headshots

        Casual headshots are just that – simple, straightforward, chest up photos of you. Professional headshots are usually a formal version of the same thing.

        Branding is a whole lifestyle approach to your branding message – your social media, your emails, your PDFs, freebie downloads and the like. Its a full catalog of visually cohesive images that match your brand style, voice, and message.

        If your brand is bold and vibrant, you don’t need dark and moody imagery, and vice versa.

        Branding images do many things:

        1. Behind the scenes
        2. Share your processes
        3. Show your workspace/products
        4. Solve client problems
        5. So much more!


        How Small Business Branding Photography Works

        Personal branding sessions are fully customized to you and  your brand personality. We’ll work together make sure your voice comes through!

        1. Fill out the contact form below and we’ll jump on a quick phone call.
        2. We’ll chat about your goals, what you do, and your messaging.
        3. We meet on the phone or over Zoom to hash out the details – client journey, touch points, the problems you’re solving. We’ll come up with the shot list, location and time of day here – even wardrobe!
        4. Shoot day! The party!
        5. Gallery is delivered entirely online. Easy peasy.

        Branding & Headshot sessions start at $800

        #topnine proved it

        8 of my top 9 most engaged posts were my face.
        Not my photography. Not my work. Me.

        Only one image in my top 9 of the year was a photo I took - and it was my husband's change of command! It's also the only shot without my face.

        You make the difference. Your audience wants to see YOU.

        "I've never been so prepared for photos."
        Dana M.

        Hear it from them

        “I was nervous! But Alison was easy to talk to, I completely forgot what we were doing and it was actually enjoyable! I love the photos and have them on my email, LinkedIn, website & business cards.”

        Sam, Norfolk Casa



        in studio personal branding mini sessions in virginia beach at the annex collaborative studio

        You missed it! Branding + Headshot Mini Sessions were September 27!

        Jump on the list! If they happen again, you’ll be the first to know! 


        Need  a quick refresh?

        I’m hosting branding mini sessions September 13 at the Annex in Virginia Beach!

        >Start small with a 20 minute mini session

        >Add on  a pre-session consult with me to make the most of your session

        The Set Options:

        • Cozy arm chair & table
        • Neutral work table
        • All white studio back drop
        • Brown leather couch w/ loft vibe

        $350 Includes:

        • 20 minutes of shoot time
        • A shot of tequila bc why not?!
        • Wardrobe help
        • 4 Sets to choose from
        • 5 Digital files of your choice
        • Options to upgrade after you see them!

        Let's chat!

        We'll work together to map out the direction of your headshots and branding photos - props, what to wear, client education, creative processes, behind the scenes, etc. We'll make a shot list and decide together the best plan of attack based on YOU and your work.