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        #2 in the series – learn your DSLR in 5 minutes

        Here’s the cliff notes.

        Exposure triangle is a three legged stool: Aperture, Shutter, ISO


        • Size of the hole (iris) in the lens.
        • Measured in f stops
        • Controls how much light comes through the lens
        • Affects the depth of field (DoF) in the final image
        • Low f/stop = wide hole (shooting wide open)
        • high f/stop = small hole
        • wide hole = shallow DoF in the image
        • narrow hole = large DoF in the image
        • Eyes crossing? Watch the Aperture tutorial on IGTV.


        • How fast the shutter moves (in a DSLR)
        • Measured in fractions of a second (250 = 1/250th of a second)
        • Controls length of time the sensor is exposed (film in the old days)
        • Affects the stop action in the image
        • Slow shutter blurs movement
        • Fast shutter freezes movement
        • Anything below 1/60th is susceptible to hand shake
        • Long exposures are another niche form of photography
        • Want more explanation? Quick video tutorial on Shutter


        • How sensitive the sensor is to light
        • Think about to film – generic speeds of film were 100, 400, 800
        • Ranges from 100 – 225,000 on my Canon 5d Mark III (max ISO varies)
        • Low ISO, less sensitive to light, better in bright conditions
        • High ISO, more sensitive to light, better in low light conditions
        • There’s more! Quick video tutorial on ISO

        Aperture, shutter and ISO all affect exposure. If you change one, you need to compensate that change by adjusting another. I go through each of these aspects of exposure individually on IGTV.

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        I’m a chaos-commanding family photographer thriving in the loud & messy.

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        I’m  the ring leader of four boy circus, half-homeschooling USMC family, currently in Virginia Beach, VA!

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