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        Whhhhhat to do.

        Step 1. Get a fresh hair cut within a couple weeks of your session. Even if its a bang trim. Mentally it will give you confidence that will shine through in your images. Even more, it will relieve some stress on photo day!

        Step 2. Talk to your stylist. Tell her what you’re doing and ask questions. Get advice. Buy some product if you don’t already have it. For me, my girl Alana Downey  (fully worth the drive down to Kinser! She was able to do my cut DRY, and was so easy to chat with! Like I’d known her forever) gave me advice on how to use a skinny serum I already had. And you know what? It worked!

        Step 3. Have a back up for the wind. Rescheduling might be an option, but wind is ever present and the least of our weather concerns here on island. Have a hairband, a cute hat, bobby pins, or throw it up in a pony.

        Step 4. Have fun! For real, save perfection for Hollywood. This is real life. 😉

        See, even my bangs didn’t cooperate.  They daily do this “gap-toothed” look with a giant space down the middle. C’est la vie!

        First photo of the sessionAlison Bell photographer

        Last photo of the sessionAlison Bell photographer

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