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        Most of us think we’re going to remember every detail of our baby as they change.

        Truth is we won’t.

        Our memories fade faster than their chubby cheeks.

        Let’s photograph these details of everyday moments so you can remember the feeling of cheek against yours 5, 10, 20 years from now.

        Newborn photos in client nursery


        You have just days before they’re no longer newborn.

        When does that happen? At two weeks? A month old?

        Those first days go by in a blur. You’re sleep deprived caring for one or more babes, the hospital staff waking you all hours because they can’t seem to talk to each other and coordinate interruptions.

        But what if you could freeze it?

        What if you back to these newborn moments whenever you want?

        Virginia Beach Newborn Photography

        hampton roads newborn photography with siblings

        What is lifestyle newborn photography?

        Lifestyle newborn photos are you, your people, in your home.  Its an elevated version of your everyday selves with some guidance from me to make you look fabulous.

        • No leaving the house.
        • No packing a bag.
        • No forgetting.

        I show up to your place, we shoot for 90 minutes or so getting everything from siblings and pets to whole family and baby details.


        Shots we’ll get in your newborn session:

        • Family altogether
        • Siblings with baby
        • Mom, Dad & baby
        • Mom & Dad individually with baby
        • Baby’s details
        • Nursery details
        • Candid moments of rocking, cuddling, and maybe a diaper change


        Perks of in home newborn photography:

        • You don’t leave the house
        • You have everything you need at home
        • You only need 2 rooms minimum
        • Declutter means throw it in a box and hide it behind a door.

        "The day we did photos was actually the hardest day we'd been home, but somehow Alison made it look blissful and easy.

        You'd never know."

        hampton roads newborn photography with siblings

        You don’t need a styled house.

        Most people are intimidated by a photographer in their home.

        No one expects a magazine -styled house. These photos aren’t for Southern Living, they’re for YOU.

        Your home, your details, your place is worthy of photographing.


        How to prepare your house for a newborn session at home:


        I mean shove it in another room.

        Don’t worry about dust, or shoes at the door. Just clear the corner of dog toys and the surfaces of mail and dishes in the nursery & master bedroom (or living room, your choice).

        You can do two rooms. 


        Hey y'all

        I'm Alison!

        I find joy in chaos. The louder, the better!

        I'm a USMC spouse,

        South Carolina native,


        mama of a 4 boy circus.

        They've trained me in the best way!

        After six moves in 12 years, we're currently calling Virginia Beach home!

        This is my crew! A 4 boy circus!

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        Photo by Heather Johnson

        How Newborn Photos Work

        1. Reach out with your due date

        Complete the contact form below with your baby’s due date as the “preferred timeline” and we’ll jump on the phone! Its the fastest and easiest way to give you the options, and learn about your family and goals.

        2. Schedule a Maternity Session

        100% optional… but with a newborn session comes the option to add on a maternity session for the price of a mini session, 5 files included. There are limitations to time and travel so let me know if you’re interested in your contact form! 

        3. Wait for baby!

        I limit my availability to 2 families per week. We’ll use your due date to reserve one of those slots. Of course, babies come early and late so we adjust accordingly. You’ll let me know when baby comes and we’ll schedule within 10 days of baby’s birthday.

        "This was the easiest session ever. We didn't leave the house, we didn't forget anything."

        Hear it from them

        “Nolan is 8 weeks old and his album is done! His sister’s took me years”

        military uniform newborn baby photos

        Newborn Pricing & Process

        From what to wear to in your hands, this is a full service experience.

        • We’ll work together to have wardrobe decided well before baby arrives
        • The session itself will be relaxed & easy. If I need to move something, I will. You might just wonder where it went after… oops!
        • Your gallery reveal will be just as relaxed, and your book or gallery will be done. Can you imagine? Baby’s book done by 8 weeks old! #yesplease

        Starting at $900

        "This was seriously the easiest photo session... we didn't even leave the house!"

        Let's talk!

        If you've got an EDD, let's talk! Use your due date as the preferred timeline. I limit newborns to 2 per week so if you've got a date, reach out here!


        What if baby comes late?

        Do you photograph older siblings?

        Baby is here! What now?

        We sept time in the NICU. Is that a problem?


        That's exactly why I limit my families to 2 per week - because I know someone will come early or arrive late. I'm ready for surprises! I'll adjust accordingly.