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        Alison Bell, Photographer AVOIDTHECHEESE

        We all do it.

        You get behind the camera and instinctively blurt out, “Say cheeeeeeese!”
        But that’s not what I’m after. And not what you want either. I want genuine personality in your images – photographs with heart and soul.

        “Cheese” creates double chins and stiff necks.  No, thank you!

        Allow the photog (me!)  to hang out with your little ones. You can step back for a minute, watch from a short distance. I’ve got tricks up my sleeve to get them interacting.  Or you can chat or tell jokes from behind the camera.  My personal favorite is potty talk. What kid doesn’t laugh at ‘fart’ or ‘poop’?!

        Have FUN! Don’t be afraid to make faces, throw someone on your shoulders or upside down. Enjoy your family and it will come through in the photographs.

        Most importantly, genuine interaction and authentic relationship shines when you are not looking at the camera. So don’t get stuck on “say cheese” or “look at the camera!”

        For more tips and ideas on getting ready for your session check out this article. 


        I (Alison) am the circus ring leader of four boys. We're a half-homeschooling USMC family, currently in Virginia. I love loud, messy, families, especially those with littles. I like dancing, loud music, and people! I'm passionate about education and the beach. Born and raised in Charleston, SC I'm a cornbread purist. Skillet only! Find me on Insta @alisonbellphotog!