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        This smart mama contacted me from the States. She would be visiting while her husband was on Okinawa for a UDP. My first thought was “What if the weather is bad?!” We can only reschedule so many times during 7-10 days! I was nervous for our session but it was beautiful!

        If you’re visiting Okinawa, contact me for your family photos!

         See my favorite from this session here. 

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        I (Alison) am the circus ring leader of four boys. We're a half-homeschooling USMC family, currently in Virginia. I love loud, messy, families, especially those with littles. I like dancing, loud music, and people! I'm passionate about education and the beach. Born and raised in Charleston, SC I'm a cornbread purist. Skillet only! Find me on Insta @alisonbellphotog!