TO MENU

        Deciding what to wear is overwhelming, but I’m here to help!  

        I called my own photographer (from the Aeon Mall during Golden week!) for a second opinion. I’m here for you! 

        1. Start with Mama

        Mama needs to be confident and comfortable in what she’s wearing. I picked this dress because: 

        1. It was flowy and gave gorgeous movement
        2. It fully covered my chest – no bend-over mishaps!
        3. The color complimented our location.
        4. Vainly, I’d been working out and wanted sleeveless. #truestory #streetparkingmoms

        2. Color Palette

        Design-seeds.com is a color search engine! Search by color or season!

        I was set with my green dress and literally held it up to the screen and went through all the palettes. I choose Watermelon Hues because:

        • We already had some of those colors
        • I could nixed the purple for a navy. #boylife
        • It complimented our location

        3. Add Neutrals

        Mix in neutrals you own: khaki and navy shorts, white button ups, jeans in the winter, or even black.

        Collin is completely neutral:

        4. Vary Prints & Texture

        We already had 2 plaid shirts, so I was careful to purchase the white plaid because:

        • Its a much bigger print (as opposed to the tighter plaid of the pink shirt)
        • Had mostly neutral colors

        The shorts were also tricky. Two are in navy but one with embroidered sharks,  one in khaki chinos, the littlest in teal linen

        5. Shop at One Store!

        My very best piece of advice. Old Navy, Gap, H&M all have  coordinated collections in one place, to match the season.

        Use Style & Select

        When in doubt, join my Waitlist to receive immediate access to Style & Select. Pinterest + Stitch Fix curated for family photography!

        All images were taken by my friend and fellow milspouse, Heather Johnson of Heather Johnson Photography!

        Alison is the chaos-commanding family photographer thriving in the loud & messy offering in home lifestyle and outdoor sessions. She is the circus ring leader of four boys, half-homeschooling USMC family, currently in Virginia Beach but born and raised in Charleston, SC. Find me on Insta @alisonbellphotog!

        Hi! I’m Alison!

        I find joy in chaos. The louder, the better!

        I’m a chaos-commanding family photographer thriving in the loud & messy.

        I love freezing time, photographing families in their own element at home, or on the beach!

        I’m  the ring leader of four boy circus, half-homeschooling USMC family, currently in Virginia Beach, VA!

        Follow the antics on IG @alisonbellphotog!