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        The Studebaker’s Story

        Mr. Neil and Mrs. Cheryl graciously allowed us to use their 1953 Studebaker pick up truck for our Christmas Mini Sessions. Here’s its story!

        It’s a Family Truck

        The ’53 Studebaker was was in Los Angeles of 40 years. Neil’s cousin’s husband was a delivery drive for Miller Tool Company. He was the tool delivery guy before Snap On existed. He retired to the family farm in northern Minnesota.

        When he passed, Neil & Cheryl went to Minnesota for his memorial service. Neil and his brother found the truck in the shed with the hood up and repair manual on the bumper.

        After some bargaining and pleaded Neil and Cheryl were allowed to buy it. They shipped the truck to Virginia Beach in the fall of 2017. It took a full year to get running, courtesy of the Cavalier Garage Team.

        It’s mostly original.

        The bumper was changed so it could be used for towing. It still has the 6 volt battery system. The original advertising along the bed still reads, “Miller Tool Equip. 635-3883.”

        What are Christmas Truck Minis

        Christmas Truck Mini sessions are special 10 minute-mini photo sessions spaced every 15 minutes held in the fall – first half of November. I deck out the truck with red & white themed pillows, blankets, wreath and trees and all the kids got surprise sugar cookies!

        We parked the truck in Great Neck Park in Virginia Beach which gave great light all day long. The first year 81% of the slots were filled!

        Mini sessions are 15-20 minute sessions

        More time does not equal more value because more time never made anyone cry less, or have more fun! Weather your kids are grown and cooperative, or super young and uncooperative, its perfect for simple updated family photos, cake smash, maternity, high school seniors, milestones, or Christmas card shots!

        Yes! 15 minutes is enough!

        More time is not more value. My mission is to leave you asking, “That’s it?!”

        Fast. Fun. Done.

        Dad is going to be pleased and you’re going to be shocked I got so many happy faces so quickly!

        They happen at pre-determined dates and locations.

        Get on the Waitlist now to get them in your inbox as soon as they’re released! Be sure to drag it to your primary inbox so you don’t miss it!

        Mini sessions happen roughly once a quarter, sometimes more often in the busy seasons.

        Virginia Beach fall minis session with old Christmas Truck in Hampton Roads
        Virginia Beach fall minis session with old Christmas Truck in Hampton Roads
        Virginia Beach fall minis session with old Christmas Truck in Hampton Roads
        Virginia Beach fall minis session with old Christmas Truck in Hampton Roads
        Alison is the chaos-commanding family photographer in Virginia Beach, VA thriving in the loud & messy offering in home lifestyle, outdoor, and extended family sessions.

        Owner & Photographer of Alison Bell, Photographer, she is also the circus ring leader of four boys, half-homeschooling USMC family.

        Alison offers full-contact family photo sessions with wardrobe styling, sessions that feel like a party and custom print shopping. Even Dad has a good time!

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        Hi! I’m Alison!

        I find joy in chaos. The louder, the better!

        I’m a chaos-commanding family photographer thriving in the loud & messy.

        I love freezing time, photographing families in their own element at home, or on the beach!

        I’m  the ring leader of four boy circus, half-homeschooling USMC family, currently in Virginia Beach, VA!

        Follow the antics on IG @alisonbellphotog!